Cardio training (Demo)


27 Nov: 7 Simple Ways to Cut Down on Sugar

What’s the first food you think of when I say the word sugar? Cookies? Candy? Ice Cream? This beautiful pink sprinkled donut right here? I bet you didn’t think of ketchup…. or cereal. And in this, lies the problem. We still think of “sweets” when we think of sugar, instead of realizing that sugar is in SO MANY of the everyday processed foods we consume.


27 Nov: How to Get Results by Focusing on Change

If you’ve ever aspired to lose weight or if you currently desire to, then you know that in order to see results, you must set a goal, and lay out a plan to reach that goal. For weight loss related goals, the plan will likely include exercise specifics, dietary changes and swapping out some bad habits for good, healthy ones. Sounds pretty straight, forward right? Maybe…and maybe not.